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  • Hey dr9ball, I still have your card. When are you coming back to warm and sunny Myrtle Beach (it's freezing now) ? Let me know buddy.
    Whats up dude, glad you made it. This is where I learned 60% of knowledge of the game. If you like a comment or post on a thread, there is a lil blue box under the thread you liked called the "REP" button, don't be afraid to use it. This is how members get their greenies (+REP=) by their name. Say something stupid and they hit you with the red box (-REP=( ). They will usually send you back +rep, greenies. To check you rep, go to USER CP at the top left and it will tell you who sent it with their comment. Have fun, hit me up if you have any questions. Try on tuesdays and fridays for some live tournys or to catch the Mosconi Cup live. GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron-Sk8ordie
    Have you met Sk8ordie yet? He plays in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was down there this summer and had some enjoyable moments and a particularly good 4 hour one hole session at Smokehouse Billiards. Welcome to the board. It's a good time here.
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