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  • Mattie,
    Nice to see you back on line.
    Looking forward to running some racks with you.
    Keep on strokin'
    LOL I returned rep to the wrong person(you). Doesn't matter, sure you deserved it.
    ty much . your notion to make therealzilla accuont did well to give us new insight as to what the problems are. but don't worry too much cause insidepool only has 1 or 2 streams a year at this point. maybe we can have things right for the main events coming later this week. and if not there will be so many peeps in the chat it will be hard to see anyones message flying through the viewer. lol
    Thank you kindly sir...I was trying to do too much last night and got myself a bit confused. :) The link doesn't appear to be working however...I get this when I click on it...I'll do a search knowing it's here.

    No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator
    Hi, I tried leaving this on the OTR stream but somehow you could not get it. You asked about the stream sites...perhaps the PM (below) will help. This is not cmbwsu but Brian8Ball one of his students. I am using his computer while he is in South Korea. Here is the PM -- enjoy!

    9:36 ustreamer-43291: You were asking about streams -- go here for all stream sites and instructions on how to use them.
    thanks mattie. i appreciate the suggestions and also offering up your services. i'll let you know should the need arise.

    Stay cool!
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