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  • Thanks for getting back to me man. if you ever chang you r mind let me know. it'll take me a while to get the cash together (i play pool=i'm always busted) but i'll sell some blood and get you the money
    since you like that alpha shaft is there any chance i could buy that HP2 shaft off of you? any chance i could rent it to try it out. i could shoot you the dough for the shaft + a little for the rental and you just return the cash less the extra when i return the shaft?
    Hey McChen,

    How are you? I have been reading some of your posts about allot of the different Low Deflection shafts available.

    I am currently using a Mezz w/wd700 shaft and like it allot, more so than the past Predators I have owned.
    But I am thinking about a fairly new cue by Cuetec, called the R360 series. They are very inexpensive, I have always liked the thin handle sizes and the tapers they put on shafts. But didn't like the feel of fiberglass, but the R360 are quite a bit different than their past shafts.

    But I don't want a cue with very little feel, like in the Predators...
    Could you give me a comparison between the Mezz wd700 and the Cuetec R360?
    Which one has a better hit, and as the amount of deflection between the two?

    thanks for the help,

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