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  • thats what i dont understand, i have a big collection of cues, before the internet days flipping cues was perhaps 50% of my income, people who buy cues, sell cues. i supppose the distinction might be who advertizes, I dont tout myself as a dealer but I could be today if I decided. I wasnt picking on Mr. Stroud or anyone. just seems that if you own enough cues(some arbitary number is ok) then attendance should be open if you care to display. And not allowing price tags to be hanging from the cues, the funny thing is everything this show is going on I get multiple calls to buy cues from people.

    oops have to go sorry
    i have a learning disability and cant spell, even spell checkers cant pick up the errors, i have a high IQ 141 last time I tested, I'm super fast with math, and am blessed in many ways, I cant remeber strings of letters-when someone tells me how to spell a word its one letter at a time, weird. I'm not upset with you, i didnt check the thread anyways-nothing bothers me here as ppl hardly know me, those who do in real life like me, i'm very generous and nice to everyone, its my nature, nice to meet you, my very best eric
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