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    "The Color Of Money" Shot Question

    Played league last night, this shot came up. The player didn't play it like Eddie did, but the question arose as to whether or not this would have been a legal shot. I can't find a YouTube video to link, I'll try to (lead up to and) describe the scene... Eddie just got beat by Mosell, and...
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    BCA Ball In Hand Question

    This came up in our in house league last night. I was not the one playing. Player A has broken and claimed a group, made a few balls, then scratches. Player B has ball in hand anywhere. Player B, while placing the cue ball, moves an object ball. Player A instructs Player B to move it back...
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    How To Remove Engraving From Butt Cap

    Spotted a mid-level cue at the pawn shop this morning. Priced right, actually a lot lower than what it could be selling for. It's also been sitting there for a while, based on the dust accumulation. The downside is that the butt cap is etched/engraved, and the case is monogrammed. Removing...
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    Cue Work - How Long Should You Wait ?

    Hi all, I'll get right to it... Took my custom cue to the maker a couple weeks ago. Talked for a bit, told him what I wanted (a second shaft, and a tip on the original). He said he was busy, but he'll squeeze it in, and it would be ready in a couple weeks. So I left the cue with him to match up...
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    Dominiak HG Shafts ?

    I own an older Dominiak, and like the feel of the original shaft. But I've been looking for a backup. Something on par with what I use now. Before anyone suggests a high-performance shaft, I've been that route with quite a few. And I'm always going back to the Dominiak shaft. My game is...
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    Weird Shaft Issue

    Hi all, Over at my buddy Joe's tonight, he just picked up "Shaft A" (a respectable brand synonymous with pool). The joint is a 3/8x10 pin. For kicks, we put Shaft A on three different cues. And here's what we're having trouble trying to figure out... Shaft A on: - Mickey's custom - rolls...
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    Should More Than One Master Player Be Allowed On A League Team ?

    Hello all, Interesting situation... Currently, our BCA handicap league has a team that has more than one Masters Players on it. The team also has eight rostered players. So they can legally field a team in Las Vegas (provided everyone makes the minimum amount of games). My understanding is...
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    Does Your Cue Have A Name ?

    Do you have a name for your cue ? Not the name that your cue may have had from the factory (for example, McDermott's M71A, the "Deacon"), but your own personal name for it. I've always been a fan of B.B. King, so a long time ago I named my cue "Lucille" (after B.B. King's guitar). I'm...
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    Predator 1st Generation v. 2nd Generation

    Skimming the 'bay and found this item... Predator 314 1st Generation 3/8x10 Shaft And the price (as I'm posting this) is up to $202.50. But, you can buy a NEW, 2nd generation shaft for $233. Predator 314² Shaft - 29", 3/8x10 Is there that significant of a difference between the first and...
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    Pawn Shop Find. How Much ?

    Hi, all... I like to stop at the local pawn shops every month or so and peruse the aisles, looking for the occasional deal. There's one in particular that I enjoy frequenting, as the owner usually has a good story or two. His son is ok, he just isn't as... personable, or willing to budge much...
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    Cues for Tall People

    I've got a friend of mine that shoots ok, but a 58" cue seems to hinder him quite a bit. He's 6'5", and he's got to grab the butt end so far back on every shot that his index and half of his middle finger are the only thing holding the butt end. He knows enough about the game that he can run a...
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    Is There A Handicap System That Works The Best ?

    Hi all, Working on building a league between a few local bars. A lot of folks in this area don't drive, and the five taverns in the area are centrally located. The plan is to get more 'non-pool' people playing. So I'm trying to find some sort of handicap system that not only works, but is...
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    Safe Break or Let Him Go For It ?

    League playoffs. 8 Ball. BCA format. You play everyone one game. Team captains make out their own lineups, then trade information. You're playing a veteran team. And based on past matches, your captain guesses (correctly) who your opponents will put in the last game. Tonight, you have been...
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    Google Email Address ? A Possible Scam ?

    Hi everyone, I apologize in advance, this thread might belong in NPR. But I'm having trouble with a sale. And I'm starting the think it might be a scam of sorts. I have a buyer for a cue on the 'bay. He offered me a price I couldn't pass on. Not absurd, but enough to consider ending the...
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    Cue Repair in Western NY ?

    Hi everybody, I need a wrap put on one cue, and I don't know of any pro shops in the area. I don't mind driving a few miles (and making a day trip out of it), but I don't know which way to go. Any input where I can get a rewrap done would be helpful. Thanks in advance.