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    Mojo's cue giveaway

    WOW .. ive racked my brain on this all week and put a ton of thought into it . While the thought of giving one to a veteran or service member would be my first choice . Being a gulf war veteran myself this would have been great . But the only one mentioned was for a bennefit being held...
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    FREE CUE to someone deserving.. paying it forward

    I have been building cues as a hobby since the mid 90's BUT ANYHOW quite some time ago i got paid for a cue and do to some issues in my life do to my own fault, i never delivered as i should have .and FOOLISH PRIDE stopped me from just telling him the real hold up and working out a...
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    convention question

    those of you that go to conventions and expos .. how many cue do most makers take to display ?
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    butt woods

    im going to my wood supplier this week .. and hand pick some woods anyone looking for anything special i can look for you they usually have a great supply of super curly maple , super cocabolo , decent thuya at good prices ,, most burls
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    how many of us that build collect others art as well

    just curious who collects others artwork even if you could build it who better to appreciate than one who understands what went into making it ?
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    ringtail lizzard wrap

    I am building .. what for me i consider to be as much of a monster cue that i can .. i feel my leather wraps are on par with about anyone BUT ive never use ringtail lizzard before DOES IT HAVE SOME STRETCH TO IT the way regular leather does when going on with elmers glue
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    best glues forearm to handle

    for the last 11 years ive been glueing my handles for my forearms with an industrial epoxy and ive never had any buzzes but i can no longer get it what else is a good more readily available product .. kinda scared to try something new i also used it on butterfly cues whats a good option there
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    most you would pay for a foreign made cue

    whats the MOST you would pay for a cue imported from another country A ... wouldnt buy at all B ......$100 - $200 C.......$200 - $350 D.......$350 - $599 E ... What ever the market and quality and value makes it this situation is lets say an american cue maker that say wants to...
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    who has a good supplier for sandpaper

    Anyone got a good source of sandpaper at good prices 20 years ago my dad had a supplier for sandpaper for his woodshop we paid something like 4 dollars a gross yeah .. really 144 sheets of sandpaper for 4 bucks strait from the factory but now they wont sell to an end user and our...
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    any interest in stand alone inlay machines at $1000

    Just interested in seeing how much interest would be out there .. just wrapping up my first one and will most likely have a bug or two to work out .. but if there is enough interest in making 4 or 5 i would make a batch