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  • interested in your AC........i have poor phone service here ....sorry.......text or call me vince voice messages are messed up ..........going to verizon today to fix .......if you want to leave a message you will have to text .........
    I wanted that carmelli that sold in 14 minutes flat!!
    I just traded for a kikel. are you familiar with the worth of these cues?
    If i sent you a few pics could you give me a ball park figure of what it is worth?
    Call me if ur interested in any sticks
    Cases etc.
    Bill Schick cue has letter of authentication and description if cue with it.dated Schick 1-1-12
    Gilbert's Espiritus William Woodworth "Woody" cues
    Scruggs southwest but not for sale at this time
    Call me 318-366-7377
    Or text me
    Email address
    Good Evening,
    I have a new PFD every two- three years form Paul.

    I have seen a bunch of your posts and was wondering if you still have items to sell.
    cases and cues??

    Sou know the monster wrapless was a design I made with Paul!!

    Dennis Lake
    hey someone told me you wanted a cheap j/b for a friend of yours. i've got a $30 one. j&J jb 1 piece tip ferrule combo
    "Well said John. I admire your honesty here." - Sent to me via PM

    If so then why have you chosen to give me so much grief otherwise?
    I have 06 mike Stacey 2 shafts 6 point 3 high 3 low same on the butt leather wrap ebony fore arm veneers are yellow orange and red it has no nicks or dents if you r interested in trade let me know

    I am Allen Hung, one of the Fans of PFD cues. I have seen that you posted many pictures of PFD shop. Could you send me these pictures (you may not post on the AZ)? If you can, I will appreciate your kindness.

    My Email:

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