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  • I also play some at fast eddies at embassy oaks; just normally to practice. Most of the Fast Eddie leagues are APA which is handicap and I don't like playin handicap. Its too much to keep track of and too many people that sandbag so they can have a higher handicap then play good when they need to. I prefer to play in leagues that are non handicap.
    Sounds good. What's your first name? I play mainly in the northeast leagues. I live in windcrest off 410/35 so most of the northeast leagues are done in dive bars around the northeast part of town. I have a table at home also, 8 ft and play some there but my two daughters and grandbaby have moved in with me so dodging play toys while shooting is hard sometimes :) How long you been playing? Ed
    Hey I'm in San Antonio. I play on a Wed night fun league and a thur BCA league. I'm mainly an 8 ball player. How about yourself? You been here long? I moved here about three years ago from Europe (retired army) and now work at Fort Sam for the gov. My name is Ed. Give me a shout and maybe we can hook up sometime and shoot some. Where do you shoot at now?
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