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    Ceulemans and Worst

    Does anyone know if Raymond Ceulemans and Harold Worst ever played each other? It seems that Worst's 3C career ended when he took up pool and right after that Ceulemans began his reign. I figure they might have played at some point when Ceulemans was very young.
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    English Billiards high breaks

    I did a search but can't seem to find an all-time list of the highest breaks ever recorded. Does such a list exist? I know Lindrum had a 4,000+ and many other 2,000+ runs and I think another guy once had a 2,800 or something like that, but I'd love to know what the all-time list would look like.
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    Jeff Carter?

    Whatever happened to Jeff Carter? Does he still play at all? He made it to the finals of the 8 ball world championships in the mid 90's losing to Reyes in the final. I remember him being a very good player with a straight stroke, really solid fundamentals and a great all around game but I...
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    Mosconi's record in challenge matches

    As most everyone knows Mosconi completely dominated 14.1 from about 1941 -1958 when he unofficially retired. What some may not know is that he had an incredible record in long challenge matches. Sometimes they had a long challenge match for the world championship, sometimes twice in one year...
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    Women's high run in 3C?

    Does anyone know what the record high run is in 3 cushion for a woman?
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    Best player to never have a 147?

    I've often wondered who the best player to have never had a 147 break in pro competion is. I know Mark Williams didn't have one until just a couple of years ago, before that I remember thinking he had to be the best without one.
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    Ex-World 14.1 Champion Tom Jennings

    I was talking with a friend about past 14.1 champions and he mentioned a man named Tom or Pete Jennings I think. He said that Jennings had won the world 14.1 title twice in the 1970's. I had to admit I never heard of this player. I would think that I would have seen his name mentioned before...
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    When was 9 ball invented?

    Does anyone know how old 9 ball really is? I've always assumed that 15 ball rotation came first and 9 ball came later as an abbreviated version but I really don't know. The earliest I've heard it referenced was in Mosconi's book Willies Game, where he mentions as a teenager he was spotting some...
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    Mother drills?

    I've heard a few people mention "mother drills" recently, does anyone know what that means?
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    Cole Dickson at the DCC

    I noticed Cole Dickson finished 22nd in the 9 ball at DCC. I didn't even know he still played. Does anyone who was there know how he played? What's his speed nowadays? Does he still play that fearless style of play?
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    Michael Eufemia stories?

    Anyone know anything about Michael Eufemia? The guy supposedly ran 625 and also another run well over 500 balls yet we never hear anything about him. I know he couldn't handle tournament pressure, does anyone know what his best ever finish in a major event was?
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    Best all-around player in the world?

    I was having a conversation with a friend about who the best all-around player is right now and we were considering just what we consider the main games: straight pool, one pocket and 9 ball/10ball. We surprisingly came up with very few names, because it seems a lot of top players play 2 of the...
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    Bustamante and major titles

    Has Bustamante ever won a major? I'm not talking about the Challenge of Champions which I don't consider a real event. I mean real majors like the U.S. Open, BCA, World Championships, Derby City, Japan Open, World Pool Masters etc. I had a conversation with a friend who says Busta is so great...
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    Color of Money question

    I was watching the film Color of Money and one thing has always struck me as odd. Why did Vince give Eddie the $8000 in the hotel room? They were no longer partners and Eddie had nothing to do with Vince dumping the match, he just happened to be Vince's opponent when he dumped. I can't imagine a...
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    Mosconi vs Rex Williams

    In Mosconi's biography he mentions that in 1972, well after his retirement he played a series of exhibitions with snooker/english billiards player Rex Williams. They played both straight pool and snooker matches, in the U.S. and in England. Mosconi says he won all the straight pool matches and...