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    Predator Men's Event Cancelled, Alberta Canada.

    I believe Red Deer was chosen due to a facility that could support the event, original Grey Eagle in Calgary was looked at ( great venue) but no availability. Its disappointing I will admit as I was looking forward to seeing the pro's while playing in the Am event, I know the women's pro event...
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    CSI stopped submitting games to Fargo in Vegas?!

    I know my games made it in as well
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    JB case questions

    Thanks everyone, I can attest to the cases being top notch, just now trying to figure out a cheaper shipping options, its around $100-150 US to ship one to canada :(
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    JB case questions

    Hey Guys, a couple of questions on JB cases I currently have a 3x6 rugged from Seyberts, and Love it, but of course I've decided I want a custom case, one where I can pick the colors and and add some personalization. 1. I'm looking for the same size, but I want it in blue and yellow, Do you...
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    New Cue/Shaft recommendation

    Thanks Guys, I think I'm going to go with Ikon 4-1 and Revo 12.9 (assuming practicing with it next week goes well) so I'll probably buy it here in canada. As it will cost me $1275 US (converted Cdn-US) vs $1550 us if I pick it up in USA. Thanks everyone !
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    New Cue/Shaft recommendation

    Yea I'm coming to BCA this sept, as long as they dont shut vegas down again. But I'm leaning towards the Ikon with Revo, its comes in around $300-400 less than retail, and predator seems to hold some resale value, so if anything is amiss with me and the cue I can recoup some costs.
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    New Cue/Shaft recommendation

    Hi All, Looking for some advice here, I've recently sold off one of my older cues, so I want to reinvest that back into a new one. Currently using a Viking Cue with Vikore shaft (13mm tip) but would like to get a Carbon fiber for maintenance and slickness. Using the $1000 from my previous cue...
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    Cue value? Greg Hearn Custom

    Good morning everyone, I’ve been working on getting an insurance rider added for my cues, but unsure what the value on a Greg Hearn custom from 25 years ago is worth this is a 3 piece cue, with 2 original wood shafts and I had a local builder make a carbon fiber shaft for it ( love it) but I’m...
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    New Shaft recommendations

    So some history on my game. I started playing late 90's when I was teenager, played for about 10 years and was ranked A+ player. Got a family, quit playing for a few years. Took the game up again around 2010-2014 and then again left it. I've again picked up the game and playing like crap. I...