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    9 Ball - New Break Rules

    This is the same break configuration as the International 9-Ball Open last year, which included the 3-point rule.
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    APA rule help

    The first offense of an unintended extra timeout is simply a sportsmanship warning... "please don't do it again, or a more severe sportsmanship penalty can be assessed (not clearly defined)." Ball-in-hand for touching the cueball.
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    Can I see your pool table lights?

    The rosewood choice on the paragon is fantastic! I suspect the Paragon plays as great as it looks, as does mine. I am making window treatments to match the light to cover the tops of my blinds for balance.
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    Can I see your pool table lights?

    I built my light to match the wood, color (stain) and contours of the Diamond Paragon table. The frame is hard maple with a suspended ceiling built within with 3 2x2 drop ceiling LED lights, which are controllable for color and lumens. I hung an eggshell diffuser to soften the glare. The...