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  • I would like to trade a Blackcreek Hoppe style cue for an Ipad II.
    Ebony butt and veneered points with railroad style ring work. Cue weighs 18 7/8 oz with both shafts. Shafts are 12.98mm and 12.85mm with non ivory ferrules. Flat faced joint with big pin.
    Rolls straight together and apart. No chips or major dings. It is an older cue (2004) and is a player not a safe queen.
    Please pm me with what you have for trade fodder.
    i dont have a PM box here,

    please email me at:

    Give me your number and a time to call and well chat a while,

    have a great new year,

    please let me know if you plan on selling the Barry cues, no pressure, enjoy them. But if you are moving them now or in a year or 10 years please find me,

    eric petersen
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