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  • Damn, Eric - So sorry to hear you've been sick - it's no fun being sick but worse when you're sick away from home.

    I really enjoyed talking to you...made my trip too! Been way too long...

    Kelly's my Facebook friend now - I'm sure she told you - just posted some of my Derby pics - will post some others also. Did you get the pic that Dave Thomsen took? That was is going on my home pool room wall! Loved it!

    Hope you feel better...bedtime for me...talk to you soon! Love, Mary
    i just got home, i got the flu so bad that I only was out of the room one time for a hour after we talked; until today. I havent been that sick since 97.

    I will give you tomarrow or Tuesday, The highlite of my trip there was seeing and talking to you, I mean that on my mom. It was just great.

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