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  • I have email from Schön Cues stating that some of their early cues did not use the umlaut over the letter "O".
    I put that email word-for-word in my post when you posted your Schön cues for sale. There are fake cues on the market; some have been seen on ebay and elsewhere.
    I hope you get what you are asking for your cues.
    Hi Jim. It's Brent with the Pechauer. There is a beautiful rare Pechauer unlike anything I have seen. Wish I could get it but I am tapped out for cues. I thought of you because it is really special and I hope if you do buy it... maybe one day I can maybe buy it from you. It is a soft market as you know and I think for the money which may be negotiated down from 2500 it is awesome. Has the real stuff, and grip and etc. Let me know if you get it. I am not going to let AZ guys in on it until you decide...... Best of luck.


    If that link does not work it is a peachauer 12I #4 of 10 "lots of Ivory?

    hi tim the kittens are doing fine.......i will be home in 2 hours.....i will send the photos.......thanks joey
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