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  • I still see them all, as hopeless as some are, but one, de facto the same for me.
    Good catch. I wonder how many rocket scientists that post here caught that. Thanks. Always liked that one.
    The signature is yours. Enjoy! I think it's an instant classic. Dont forget to vote for Dbag of the month! Lol
    Thanks for the comment about my family! They are a great bunch of kids. Keep up the good work on NPR... Steve
    You're welcome....nothing more rewarding than picking your dinner fresh from the garden. I just picked a mess of spinach and swiss chard for dinner tonight.
    Always pick greens in the morning for tenderness....good luck...I'll be glad to help you when I can....just ask.
    Thanks for the stellar transaction for the SP. Was a pleasure doing business with you.
    Thanks again,
    You are a unique part of this band of merry men, no, you are not the only wacky one aboard, I am proud to be in the same companyas one such as yourself.........
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