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    Cloth recommendation?

    Getting past the time for new cloth on my Olhausen 8' table. I'm kind of a novice. A big run for me is 10 balls! Hope a new cloth helps that! Looking for a cloth in the $100 range. If a little more$ = a lot better cloth..... Thanks for the opinions.
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    Good Table Brands

    A friend has decided to look for a used table, with my advice. Is there a list anywhere of pool table brands that are worthwhile, or ones to stay away from? Thanks for any help.
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    E.J Riley "pool table" id??

    Saw an ad for this E.J.Riley pool table. Doesn't look like any table I have used. Any info? Hope pic comes out.
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    Shaft Finish?

    What are good finishes for cue shafts?
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    Ga-Young Kim

    Wife and I made it to the Women's Challenge of Champions. After Allison beat Kelly, and Ga-Young beat Jasmin, I went and said hello and got her autograph. I told her, "Allison's in trouble" She smiled and replied, "Yeah, I know" She was right.
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    Cb bouncing on break. Bad for slate?

    Just wondering if the slate can chip from the cb bouncing on it, as with a hard break.
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    Tip replacement DIY?

    After finally getting a nice table I need to re tip some cues. Never having a good cue, (or table) in the past, I would cut the tip off with a razor knife (if it hadn't flown off!) Then scrape glue, and sand free hand with a sanding block of wood. Sanding the tip to match the ferrule never did a...
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    Basic cue tip repair tools

    Just got a table and started shooting after a long while. The table (used)came with some cues that need tips and I bought a used, Rick Howard cue, that needs a new tip. I was thinking of getting the Rapid Cue Top Sander, to sand the ferrule, and a Porper Cut-Rite tip shaper/cutter to trim the...
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    Storing cue between use

    After recently buying a new house with room for a real table, and scoring an Olhausen table, I just bought my first decent cue. (2nd hand but in nice shape) It's a Mace, by Rick Howard. I usually shoot a few racks in the morning. A few racks during the day. (I'm retired) And 2-5 racks in the...
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    Willie Masconi story

    I got back into shooting, after finding a nice used table. I started thinking back to around 1962, a neighbor took his son and I (about 15 years old) to see Willie play, in Ridegwood NJ. Incredible pool player. The story. When Willie decided what ball to shoot, he had a person, who would...