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  • Actually, I had typed up a long response to your thread telling you how you could make a cue with just hand planes but then I hit some magical combination of keys and the message just disappeared. The Parris video shows what you need to do and how to do it. BTW, today when someone says it is hand made that means that at a minimum, it was touched during the building process by someones hand.
    Wow. I had no idea you were on these forums, I had really wanted to reach out to you but didn't want to waste your time as I am sure you are quite busy. Truly shocked honestly, and and honored you stopped by my thread.

    I know this an old page, but I get a lot of inspiration from browsing your older cues. Not that your newer cues aren't amazing, I just appreciate hand details, including time and effort required.
    Hi Paul, Thanks for the awesome cue. Played with it last night, it shot great. too bad after not playing for 20 years, I didn't play so well
    David, I'm not sure how I got to this visitor thing but what the heck. I did sell all the 13mm shafts I had but I do have a couple 12.9's, 12.8's, and smaller I will be selling soon. I am also going to be selling a number of 13mm and smaller shafts with Grise phenolic ferrules, a material that disappeared a few years ago and which I liked as much or better than ivory. If I could only have one or the other, it would be a really hard choice. Paul
    I just found a message on here , not in my PMs, that says you were able to sell me 2 of your ivory ferrule shafts. I know its been a couple weeks ago, but if you still have them I would gladly send payment. dpauln@comcast.net David Nelson
    Hey Paul,
    Sorry i have not been over to see you I got a job and have been working everyday until i go to Las Vegas, May18th. but when i get back i will get up with you and if you want i can come over on saturdays to hang out with you
    See you when i get back

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