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    wanted predator 98-6

    Looking for this cue for a friend. Let me know if you have one.
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    wanted predator 98-6

    Looking for this exact model. Anyone?
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    looking a decent case

    Im in need of a decent 3x5 or bigger case by Friday. I'm willing to pay for the overnight shipping. 150 max but would like to spend less. I don't care if its used as long as its in pretty good shape.
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    Cue ID help

    I found an old cue that I believe is a brunswick but its beat up and has no markings. I took a couple pics of the points at the top of the point and the base of the point. Hopefully there is an AZ detective or 2 out there that can give me an idea on what it might be. Thanks in advance
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    I have $500, what you got?

    I got 500 and looking for a nice wrapless cue.
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    pfd value and possible sale

    Someone that owes me some money offered me a PFD in Exchange. Kinda need cash more now then a cue. Can anyone give me a good idea on what I should be able to sell it for fairly quickly. It's in decent condition but could use a refinish. According to my friend Paul drexler valued it at 1900 when...
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    Up to $1100 in Delta credits

    Not sure if anyones interested in this but I have up to $1100 in delta flight credits that I may be willling to trade for a cue. If your planning a trip any time soon this could be for you.
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    Columbus OH

    looking for decent places to play and maybe a few tournaments this week while I'm there.
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    south bend indiana

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any weekly tournaments or decent places to play in south bend.
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    evansville in

    Anyone know of any pool tournamets near evansville indiana during the week?
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    Trick shot championship ESPN

    I just saw the worst tip of the day ever. Please for the good of pool make it entertaining.
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    Tournaments in Detroit area

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any tournaments in the Detroit area during the week. I'm working in Auburn Hills for the next month or so and would like to play some pool.
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    munster indiana

    Anyone know of any Decent places to play near munster in?
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    Ann Arbor Mi

    Looking for decent places to play pool in the Ann Arbor MI. Any tournaments you might know about would be great to.
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    Lansing Mi

    Anyone know of any decent pool tournaments in Lansing during the week?