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    Marse Robert
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    Hoppe's fundamentals

    Willie and friends demonstrate proper fundamentals.
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    Catherine Bach

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    Woulda shoulda coulda

    .... installed new pocket facings. Traded for a new (to me) 8' table and slowly trying to restore it to the best of my ability. So I watched videos and read up on here (thanks guys) and started on the rails. Got them all covered with 860 and I gotta say I think they came out really good...
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    I was wondering if there is any interest/demand for persimmon wood for cues or shafts. From what I've gathered it's a very dense, hard, and heavy wood. It used to be used for golf club heads and from some I've seen it looked pretty good too. I have lots of very large, old persimmon trees on my...
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    Check out some of these moves.:thumbup:
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    Question for CTE users

    When playing on a bar box table with the oversize cue ball, is there an adjustment that needs to be made and if so what? Wondering if the "A" and "C" points stay at 1/4 and 3/4 on the OB when using the bigger cue ball.
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    Spin applied during contact

    There was a thread talking about this that disappeared. I was amazed at how many people didn't think this was possible. Think about ping pong. With a flat paddle the ball is always hit in the center. Contact time is probably less than pool. How could any spin possibly be imparted?
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    Average runs?

    I have just started to play 14.1 and about all I see is posts on high runs. Around here 8 ball is the only game in town, so I'm doing this by myself for practice. Just started yesterday and am probably not doing it right, but having fun at it. Broke 60 racks set up like an 8 ball rack. High run...
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    Murray & Sons Tables

    Are these considered to be pretty good tables? Haven't heard much about them and a search didn't turn up much. Think I spelled it wrong. Should be Murrey. Think it's their 6400 model. Give me the good, bad, and ugly. Thanks in advance.
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    Make and model of this table? Anybody know?