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    Stats -- Chohan vs. Frost One-Pocket Race to 30, November 2020

    A small, but notable consideration: Players used to play if you make a ball on the break, you may continue shooting. The modern re-rack rule quit rewarding the breaker.
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    Are table spots mandatory?

    Chris, You may want to double check your head/foot understanding. Players break from the head of the table, the balls are racked at the foot end.
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    WTB/LTB - old micarta ferrules

    Looking for some period correct old school micarta ferrules. The old ones Schon and South West used to use. Yellowish orange in color. Not the new brown stuff. Looking for the real deal, two or three of them. Please PM me, don't over bump. No funny stuff - my money is right.
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    Better than wrinkles, I suppose.

    @ Japan Open
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    Want to See: Before and After Redyed Cases

    Curious to see some redyed cases. Dark to light, light to dark, etc. Have one now with some fading / discoloration. Considering stripping it, and dying it. Before and after pictures would be nice, as well as any DIY tips. Thanks.
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    Observation of Left handed Players - Mechanical Bridge

    I would argue that the greater percentage of left handed players use their right hand to cue when using the bridge/rest. And I would definitely argue that there are more left handed players who switch hands when using the bridge/rest than right handed players who switch hands. See below...
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    Table Climbers @ Buffalo's

    A few screen shots I grabbed of the "table climbers" at Buffalo's this weekend. Enjoy - compliments of and to Ray @ Pool Action TV for the quality coverage.
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    Wanted: Mezz Hybrid Pro 2 Shaft - Wavy Joint

    Like the title states. Must be straight. No "taper roll or "slight wooble". Used is fine. Ringwork doesn't matter. 12.5 mm or better.
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    Plug, Tap and Thread

    Greetings builders, I harvested a solid hitting shaft off a bar cue. Going to send it off to a cue maker to plug, tap and thread it for my 3/8x11 butt. Cue maker is also matching the ringwork. The shaft was mated to the house cue with a steel rod, so it is going to need to be bored out and...
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    Estate Sale in Caledonia, MI - Early GC1 or GC2

    Estate Sale this weekend July 28th and 29th. Table appears to be fairly mint, judging by the condition of the ball tray/box. The mechanic who set it up was probably a hack, judging by the skirt alignment. Has an old set of centennials...
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    Premium Mosconi Cup Tickets

    Looking to buy 2-4 tickets for this year's Mosconi Cup. All the premium seats are sold out. If you bought tickets to sell, or you won't be able to make it - please let me know. In the USA corner preferred. Thanks.
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    Vinyl Wrap Alternative to Formica Replacement

    The formica on my GC-I has worn down, and I'm not in a position to have it replaced. The table is disassmbled, and being recovered. I am going to give this stuff a shot. Reviews online have been positive. I figure it can do no harm, as long as I carefully install it. It's a residential...
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    WTB: Brunswick Gold Crown I Rail Counter(s)

    Like the title states, looking for a GC-I rail counter or a matched set. Mainly require the metal frame, not the dials. PM me if you have one. Thanks. P.S. I already checked with Ken @ classicbilliards, and he only has generic reproductions right now.
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    WTB: Predator Uniloc Joint Protectors

    Looking for a set of Predator Uniloc joint protectors, with the Predator logo on top. If you have a set you would part with, send me a PM or reply here. Same thing if you have a line on a decently priced set. Thanks. playonepocket
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    Has anyone dealt with the user bigdogk9?

    We made a deal on some equipment he had listed. I sent him the payment via PayPal 10 days ago, haven't heard anything since. Today, I received an email from PayPal notifying me that he had refunded the money. I sent him an email and a PM regarding this, in order to gain some clarification...