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  • Hi Mike, thanks for posting. Yes I am familiar with the physics of the shot. I have a lot of trouble executing it though. I wanted to know how the replacement of the OB would help in comparison to perfecting the stop shot. I can perform a stop shot at various distances up to 6 diamonds apart. But not perfect in a way that the CB absolutely freezes at contact. It always moves slightly forward, back, left, right etc. when the OB starts getting further away. Even Kinister's shot, when I try to hit a PERFECT stop shot I struggle. It always moves. Some times slightly, other times quite a bit :). I wanted to know if my game would be better served working on replacing the OB or perfecting the stop shot. Thanks again.

    Sorry but my message was to long so I broke it up
    If you look at a shot and picture where can the q ball can go from following it to a draw stroke to pull it back as straight as the angle allows it. This shot will teach you how to hit all those angles in between. I went through this same thing you are and believe me. Do not get discouraged work it, it will do wonders for your game. Its all about the slide on he q ball and understanding the physics. Everyones stroke is different so nobody can tell anyone how to shoot. They can be taught the physics and its up to the individual to use a good stroke to make the q ball do what it needs to do. Some things are not in a persons talent. Like in league when a 7 calls a timeout and tells the 3 to draw the ball length of the table. No he must tell them options they can do to their talent. Ok Sorry for rambling on but I love to teach the physics of pool. You got anymore questions I will happy to help you.
    Hi, not knowing your experience please excuse me if I bore you. A stop shot happens when the q ball is in a slide mode making contact with the OB straight on. Shot #1 is that shot and a just as the q ball ends its slide and follow takes over. Kind of what is called a kill shot. Hitting the q ball with about 1/2 tip below center. I explained in my response the curvature of the tip's top side hitting the q ball slightly below center, physics tells you this can cause back spin, slide or draw on the q ball. When the 2 masses meet taking into accout their weight, the speed, and all kinds of things to me replacing the ball is a perfect shot. Mike
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