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  • How am I confused about the "truth"? I read your additions to the thread (essentially a tirade against Nancy), and I have to tell ya, you only dug your hole deeper. Do you not "get" the concept of trademark infringement? I don't care what kind of intentions you had to work with Nancy; once she declined to work with you, that should have been your signal to step back and leave it alone. It's not your product, and she doesn't want to work with you. What part of that don't you understand? Just because you have ideas to improve someone else's product, that does NOT give you free license to apply those "improvements" and then go selling that product in the face of the original owner's/designer's desire not to work with you. You apparently are trying to leverage a perceived loophole in the trademark system; unethical at best, breaking the law at worst. Either way, it's just plain wrong. Your sense of ethics seem to be completely blinded by the "Almighty Dollar" (or "złoty" in Poland's case).
    how am I confused? Are you or are you not selling(going to sell) this product overseas(from overseas) without their permission? If so I'm not confused about anything. You are using their intellectual property for profit without licensing or permission. seems pretty clear to me
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