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  • Hey, I have not not been online for a while, I will get back to you you in a few days, I'm sorry!
    do you still have a copy of Diekman's cue book! Also did he just write a book or did he have a cue dvd or vhs as well? If you have a copy, I would like a copy myself! Thanks jay My email is rtwinne@yahoo.com
    hi there, how goes it. I will send you a email this weekend, I have been very busy with many things. All is ok, my back is out of sorts today, my mobile phone is not doing so well either, LOL Kelly is great. i will give you the details in a email,

    my very best
    ut ohhhh... are u contacting me for the reason i think you are?? letme know so i can start saving some $$$$$$$$$$
    send me a email and let me know whats going on, i have a few things to share with you as well,

    I hope you have a nice holiday season, I'm out sending my eletronic Christmas Card's* to my old & new friends(some people I really dont even know-yet) on AZB, Happy Holidays!!!! I am in the Christmas spearit this year!!


    *This is your card :D
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