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  • hello tom, this is Paul from Baltimore. just want to say I was very happy to meet you in Florida. I would like to wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a happy new year. if you come north this year to Allen's billiard expo, I will look forward to see you again. take care. Paul

    Just seen your message. I kind of lost the desire to play. Our league folded and have been busy doing other things. Have too many cues and really need to sell them

    Tom - just back from New England vacation. Was at Cheers the other day and hung out for a while. I'll stop by tomorrow too (Wed) for a bit...is it league night for you? - Mike
    Tom - Wendy and I are getting ready for a New England vacation. We are leaving in a few days and will return somewhere around July 22. I'll drop in to see you at Click's. Maybe get to have lunch etc. at Disney. Have a great summer - Mike

    My phone number is 706-413-1405. I am there from 8 AM until 4 PM EST. I will not be here on Monday.

    Tom - Wendy and I are going to Disney's Hollywood Studios this Friday - want to come?

    It's the first day for Star Wars Weekends - pretty cool especially of Star Wars fans...good parade etc..

    Thanks, I have started a new part time job, however, this month is real busy for us, maybe next month. Thanks for the invitation. Tom
    Tom - been quite busy last few months...will let up May 1. We will be going for lunch and buying a few things at Disney's Hollywood Studios maybe some day later this week but probably next week. I might be able to give you a week notice or maybe just a few days notice. Want me to do that? We can get three people in besides ourselves.
    Tom - I wanted to visit Click's last Wed but just couldn't make it. Also busy this Wed. Maybe see you Wed 3/13 or Mon 3/18.

    March is getting pretty busy for me...will ease up some April then much less to do. If you are thinking of a stay at one of the Disney hotels soon let me know. We don't need to be there to get the hotel discount...but we do need to be there to get 3 of you into the parks. See you soon - Mike
    I will be there, however, the league is over and taking a week break. Saw you know Mark, he is a good guy and a tough 1 pocket player. We should all be back on Wed. I usually go in on Mon and Wed unless I have some HoneyDo list to take care of. You shoot a nice game of pool also. I enjoyed playing some 9 ball for a change. Tom
    Tom - it was good to meet up with you Wed. I had a good time at Click's. Actually started hitting some shots pretty good. And you are pretty stong I must say. I haven't hung out in a poolroom in a while. In fact I think I'll be back next Wed. Will your team be playing? I would like to watch some action. Will you be there mid afternoon? Anyway I'll (hopefully) be around sometime after 3:00. - Thanks again for the invite - Mike
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