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    Samsung TV plus?

    Just tuned into the FTF channel 1167 on my Samsung TV and found a new billiard channel featuring the Diamond Billiards Las Vegas open with commentary by Jeremy Jones and jimmy White. Never heard of this billiard channel before does anyone know about it?
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    Walkaway Joe....

    New pool themed movie out on Red Box titled "Walkaway Joe". Anybody seen it yet ? Happy safe and sound 4th of July everybody!:grin:
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    Here comes the "Masked Marvel"...

    I see him coming to a pool hall near you pretty soon. If thats what it takes to open pool halls again lets do it before they all go bankrupt. Also it just might be a good time to get all the pro's involved to make as many appearances as they can to jump start the industry and get people back...
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    Earl "the Pearl" Strickland -vs- Jason Shaw LIVE...

    9pm-e.s.t.. Winner Side Match - Live at Turning Stone Arena:D
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    Just wondering?

    Is anyone else annoyed by "pop-up" windows everytime you log onto azb forums?:grin-square:
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    May the Force be with you....

    Woodward -vs- Joshua Fuller USA on the hill- go Skylar:thumbup:
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    Jeffrey Deluna -vs- Hiroshi Takenaka

    Live now Japan Championship 2019 race to 11
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    World Predator 10 Ball - Alex-vs-Darren
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    Efren Bata Reyes -vs- King James Rempe circa-1996

    2 Legends battle rack for rack in a race to 11 at the Commerce Club in California. 2 legends commentate the match and many many familiar faces in the crowd. This match will have you in awe of these 2 champions and the shot making skills to the very end are spectacular and amazing. If you have...
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    Free Livestream - Hardtimes 1-Pocket Tournament...

    Saturday: 1-Pocket starts 1pm Sunday: 9 Ball starts 1pm
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    South Dakota Kid -vs- The Hatchetman....
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    Battle of the Sexes?

    As I watch Simering Chen BBQ Mitch Ellerman at the US Open it occurred to me that I don't know of any other professional sport that mixes the sexes in competition. I also wonder whether or not this is good for the future of "Men's pocket billiard" competition? I am just wondering if anyone...
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    PPV: Carlo Biado -vs- Kevin Cheng 9pm-EST

    This gonna be a great match final:thumbup:
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    Willie Mosconi story...

    Watch the famous shot at the end that won his 1st World Championship and see if you can do it:grin:
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    Swanee Open- Las Vegas 2/23 - 2/24