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  • i am a smoker and at the time thought it was funny
    I know "OF" Brandon, not sure if I've ever really met him or not. No big deal about Wednesday. It was just a practice session with our team. We try to get together every Wednesday if possible. I got there about 5:30pm and just shot balls, then finally took a break and grabbed something to eat. My teammates showed up shortly after that. Maybe another time. Like I said before, we try to be there every Wed evening for team practice, so If you can make it around 5:30pm we can play for a couple of hours until my buds show up. Have a great one! Sorry I haven't answered before. I've been down sick since Thursday, and haven't even touched the computer.
    I'm just a "frumpy" old man who wears glasses and a white(ing) beard. I will probably be there between 5:30 and 6:00pm to bang some around. We usually start our practice sessions around 7:30pm or so, so if you can get there about six or so, we can play a little. It'll be great to put faces to names. Everyone at Diamond knows "Tony Predes".
    Take Care.
    Hi! How ya doin? Yes, I'm a Modesto Native. Play out of Breaktime and Diamond Billiards. I think we've visited a time or two on AZ, but have never met, or at least been introduced. I play BCA here in Modesto, but work throughout the week, and have my own 9 foot Olhausen at home, so, I don't get out too much, other than practice on the Diamond tables on Wednesday evenings with my teammates. Have played pool since I was 4-1/2 years old, and am looking at 63 this October. Have played with BCA since 2001. I know all the locals, and have watched them all grow up and become the great players that they are. I feel like I am a "Godfather" to Paul Juarez. I've known him and his father since Paul was about nine years old.
    If you happen to be in Modesto on a Wednesday evening, come down to Diamond and we can shoot a few racks.
    Take care.
    Tony Predes
    Yeah they jump great but I have no control with phenolic when breaking it's too slidey.
    It was a little local shop here in Glasgow Scotland which has since closed down
    Today 02:33 PM9 ball
    I'm asking £160 which is about $230 I know pricey but in £ I can't go any lower.
    Oh yes good read I by a lot of his books for plane rides and this is absolutely nothing like his other stuff. You would like it, let me dig through a couple boxes and see if I findmy copy, if I can find it I will mail it to you.
    Hey Sam,

    What's going on Buddy ??? No, nothing really new on my end. My Mom passed away on May 17th she was 85. Still dealing with a little stress from that but otherwise nothing new sadly. Still trying to buy and sell a little here and there but as you know the market really sucks worse than ever right now and nobody wants to buy anything unless it's super cheap.
    How are things with you ? How is Sunny California
    these days ? Have you bought or sold anything cool as of late ???
    I have a super Nice Rick Howard I am looking to move if you have interest or know of anybody who is looking I'll hook you up with a finders fee.

    Let me know how things are and what's new

    im back in Vegas, i flew from Sac to Burbank, and had to go 20 miles away to meeting-back to the airport flew to Vegas. Im so tired i cant stand it. I know Dave Stonier for over 20 years and was real real tight with Terry, I was tellling him about me and his dad mostly and what we both been up to in the last 15 years. Fvck I love that room, thats my all time fav pool room. When I open a room It will have a Jointed Cue room as part of it-i'm going to open a much larger joint, I just about have the biz model figured out.

    I will be back soon in stockton/sac-i dont want to go to that room in stokton at all. i want to play on table 16 in Sac, I need a week to get 100% adjusted to the wet tables, man they are slow.

    sorry i didnt see you, i got so sick tuesday nite-oh god.

    i lost my first match hill/hill last nite atthe joint, first tournment i played in in a year. LOL i got the balls out to warm up and i was fireing them in better than usual, i felt real real good. Then I had a buy so I sat there for 30 minutes, I got up to play i felt a little bit weak, so i got a soda, I didnt play like i was eariler but i was ok. I stayed and talked to Dave for 45 minutes and I was feeling worse and worse, i been in bed all day-last time I came up here about 4 years ago I got sick WTF??, If I won my first match I doubt i could have won my second. LOL I never won a tournment yet
    I drove past that room in stockton at 11:40 pm last night, it looked closed, i went to the Joint last night and played for a while with Warren Mah. Thats where i'm going to play. i'm in Tracy right now, tomarrow night i'm going to go to the joint and play for a couple hours, i will call you when i leave Tracy. There is no shot I will ever play at that joint in stockton-i can just tell it aint for me.
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