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    Michael Vollmer shaft 13.00 mm NEW

    A brand new Michael Vollmer shaft, never hit a ball. Ivory Ferule, Kamui soft tip 30 inch 5-16*14 threat 120 gramm Silver ring 250 Euro plus shipping
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    $$$$$$$$$$$ vollmer $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    A Michael Vollmer custum cue, with 2 new-shafts 13,00mm, Ivory ferule and Kamui soft tip.One shaft is brand new (never hit a ball). Both shafts are one Inch longer than standart shafts.4,2 and 4,3 oz heavy. The Joint protectors are spezial made for this cue! 5-16-14 is the threat. The extension...
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    $$$$$$$$ Vollmer 8 pointer $$$$$$$$$$$$

    Now fo sale , the right cue that you see in the pictures. A 6 pointer with ivory and silver inlays. Very beautiful combination. 100 % straight. Codition is like new! The butt is 1, 5cm longer than normal cue. Its refreshed 6 months ago.! With a new shaft.!! Never hit. thick and Kamui...
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    Vollmer Silver Cocobolo Ebony 6 Pointer

    Hello everybody, i have two beatiful Michael Vollmer cues for sale. (Single or together) VOLLMER the best custom cues from Europe.!!! 1.The left one: is SOLD wright now, !! 2.The right one: 6 Points veeners many ivory Inlays, the wrap is brand new mounted. (see the Pictures) This beautiful...
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    Vollmer Custom Cue 6 points veeners

    I have a six Point veeners Michael Vollmer custom cue for sale, In a very good condition, a brand new Tiger Lizzard wrap is mounted. Many Ivory inlays All White is ivory, the shaft is 12,8mm and 119 gramm heavy. Butt is 444 gramm No trades, only for sale, The cue is in Germany, i prefer PayPal...
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    Vollmer Custom Cue 6 points veeners

    For sale Vollmer 6 Points Veeners , many inlays, Ivory..
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    Vollmer Custom Cue 6 points veeners

    Hello,] A original Michael Vollmer custom cue in very good condition. The cue is straight and A brand new Tiger Lizzard Gripp is mounted. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are all important Details: The original Vollmer shaft : Shaft is 12,8mm thick, Ivory...
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    Search a Shaft radial pin

    Need a shaft for my Black Creek, hybrid pro2 or something spezial, must be low deflection
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    European euro tour

    Euro Tour is more expensive than some other tournaments in the world. The last one in Cyprus costed me more than 1000 euro. Maybe is cheaper to play the qualification for the WC. We all in euope play the euro-tour because of the WCs.. Thanks for listening