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  • those are real nice chalkers, I dont use one however, when I play snooker I use the magnenet 2 piece clip on, but I dont play much snooker. I saw them last night and thought to myself"thats a winner" I didnt realize it was your deal. if your gonna Wholesale them, I can help you, I wont make a penny, just email me at EP90210@hotmail.com and we'll talk about it. I know a guy who will buy a pile if he can get the numbers right, but thats between ya'll ;) :)
    just checking to see if you got my message below.

    if you need a referal or anything please let me know, your my friend, we havent talked in a while but that dont matter your my friend a good man, honest, passionate and know your way around the biz. I been around it since 85 so i have a few credentials and would be a great referal for youl. or if i can help in a different way please let me know i'm glad to assist.

    eric petersen 702-241-8000
    i hope something good comes up for you, your a great person and a friend. You are smart, passionate, and good at what you do. The economy aint getting better-thats bullshit, if enough people believe that then it will tart to improve, i have only seen it get worse for everyone I know and I know alot of people, more than most people know-not one of them is doing good or a little better, each an everyone is doing worse, i'm fvcked too! i will never be where I was at and I cant work anymore because of my health-so i'm scared to death, I been on heart meds, I almost had a heart attack twice in the last couple months-from stress. not my weight, bad arteries etc all stress, medicated survival. its a god damned shame how F'ed up everything is. $85 a barrel oil explaines where alot of the money were all missing is going.

    please keep in touch


    I am trying to get my hands on a new/used Predator 314 for radial pin if you know anybody looking to move one. I bought that BK2 from you a while back so I thought I'd check back with you. Thanks, Dave
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