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    by the way when I wrote: several butts for $125 a piece I was talking about standard butts without modification:
    Hey Mr. prulhiere
    in case you dont want to only sell me several butts or a zebra wood with points I will just buy a zebra wood cork cue!
    Please reply

    sorry to hear about your situation!
    I would like to buy one of your cues.
    Question 1: Would it be possible to have one of your zebra wood cork wrapped cues WITH POINTS?
    Question 2: would you sell several butts to me too? (something like 125 a piece?)
    Please pm me as soon as you can.
    Hi, Brian! Happy Thanksgiving!
    If you would, please let me know the status of the two butts (to be corked) and one shaft (to be tipped) that were shipped to you last week.
    Take care, and good luck with your sales.
    John Bianchi
    Hi, your very generous price should keep you VERY busy for a long time ! I need to know if you do cues over the standard 58-58 1/2" ? I have been wanting to try a longer cue for a long time (not philippino). Also, a wooden grip area...can you use any of the woods you have been using on these special offer cues?
    Thanks for letting me know.
    You may call my inbound 800# to discuss: 1-800-710-2832 (toll-free). If you don't get me, I have voice mail on the #.
    Thanks again,
    Wayne Nance (nancewayne on AZforum)
    Greensboro, NC 27410 USA
    Hi, do you have anymore cues like the ones you have listed that will be ready soon ?. also do you ever make wrapless cues ?. if so could you send me pictures and prices. I live on the west coast and have neer seen one of your cues out here. thanks Don.--
    love your style.I too am a big fan of nice wood and not a lot of inlays.Just the best wood
    nice simple ring work,very clean look,Thanks for sharing,Tim.
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