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  • I think you understand the shot. It's right in the area where you can't bank it and it's tough to get out of your opponents hole without leaving a 1 railer or a 3 railer. Yea, That airway bunch is waaay above average.
    Thanks for the rep! The shot was a one pocket shot. the object ball is close to opponents pocket a ball to 2 balls out from side rail and a ball to ball and a half from bottom rail. Cueball is at an angle where you can't bank the ball without a kiss.
    you go bottom rail first and then side rail and kick the ball at the speed to send it about 6 feet. the ball goes in your pocket or toward it and cueball goes up near the opposite end rail. Takes some practice and depends on your skill level whether it is a viable shot.
    B players and above should have no problem. Let me know if you can't figure it out. I'll make a table with it on PoolBz.
    Eddie & John,
    The posts that you make in the Visitor Message section is PUBLIC.

    For the record, the GRAY or PURPLE colored REP squares are simply a designation that the giver of the POSITIVE REP is new to the forum and hasn't graduated to GREEN REP. Negative REP is almost always if not ALWAYS, RED.

    I'm not sure if you can delete any of the Visitor messages or not.....It shows that you can edit them....

    In summary, VISITOR MESSAGES are readable by anyone on the forum while PRIVATE MESSAGES are private between you and the party you are writing to and of course the FORUM OWNERS.

    Best regards to the both of you.
    Hi John Galt,

    Noticed your name in the area for private messages and whereas others have a little green icon, yours is purple, but you left no comment-no words. Since the others left positive type messages I'll guess the purple signifies something negative; is that why the lack of explanation? Hope I'm doing this right. I believe I got here from clicking on your initials.

    Eddie Robin
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