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  • Eric,

    Thank you so much for the shaft. It is absolutely perfect and flawless and plays amazing.

    Much appreciated,
    Mr. Crisp,

    I was hoping you might answer a quick question for me. I recently purchased a used Sugartree sneaky pete and next to your signature you wrote "5-7". Does that mean the cue was made in May 2007 or is it #5 of 7 made or something else? I'm enjoying the cue, by the way.

    Thank you,
    Eric, just reminding you about that pointed cue you have almost finished. I talked to you when you were in Las Vegas, recieved a 29 inch cue instead of a 29.5 split. You were bummed you sent the wrong cue, and said you would make it right. Thank you Marc Oelslager 2182052328 Billiards on Broadway 208 Broadway Fargo ND 58102
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