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  • Thanks Jim,
    I know about running out of time. Hope Roxy Dr. Appointment goes well. Take care and talk to you soon.

    As Always,

    I sent you amessage but it came to me, sorry. Yes cue id smaller, can't remember the dim now, but I shot a couple racks with it and it felt better to me, think you will like it, I'm running out of time and there ae acouple small places on the finish I'm not happy with , so I am sending the cue to Jim Pierce Custom cue, he will spray a auto clear coat on it, better that way . Should not take long, but I'm paying him for the spray and the shipping to you. I will be on road tommarro, takeing wife to Dr. today, shoot leagues tonight,just not enough time. I am really happy with the new butt, and the inish will be perfect.Thanks Jim
    New Butt sleeve looks good. I had to stay home , to attend a funeral, so have some extra time. Hopefully cue ready to ship back to you 1st of week. Jim
    Take a small cut along the whole cue, around .05. Make one predator shaft for this cue.
    I forgot what the joint measured...can you pm me.


    Hi I can take a small cut along the whole cue , which will reduse the size at the joint also. I could take a small amout off the handle and butt section, but this would make a compound angle and when rolled on table it would show a little light. 2 different angles. How much would you want off ?? I have the preditor shafts here, but have not mated to this cue. Is that what you want. I will be leaveing today for 4-5 days, you have time to get me all the dimentions , again on what you want. Thanks Jim
    Hi Going good. Did you get my PM.??? Working on Maple shaft for your cue, adding rings and will turn down rest of way later tonight . Tommarro tied up , some with Dr. for wife. Butt came out nice with added weight. Later Jim
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