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  • Hi sir,

    Do you still have your Kikel custom cue and do you still recommanded this cue to anyone. I just bought/trade with (21Gambler) my beautifull Schon SP1407 with two Pred`s 314 shafts for his used Kikel cue, hopefully I wont be disapointed with the all trade. I will keep you post.... Tks. Lucas from Lucas Cue Shop
    Thanks for the understanding. Chicago is the first place an Air Force buddy and I almost got a serious beat down by a bunch of punks on the streets one night walking back to Downtown from Old Town where we had visited during the day. We had just gotten out of Basic training and transferred to Chanute AFB and could run like trackstars.... and we did.. I also knew a guy in Denver in the 80's who was beat down while his girlfriend was raped in front of him in an alley in Chi town. No offense to you... just not my favorite town in the world. Would never live there for any amount of money. Peace be with you.

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