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    Sadly I’m looking for an instructor for weekly 3 hour sessions in San Francisco

    Taking the high road, I believe is a good choice. Last time I was at The Presidio was for the inaugural Tour De San Francisco. I finished top ten on a beautiful day. Had dinner later on at The Gold Mirror..
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    Anyone else have a "Most Embarrassing" at the pool hall?

    Mine happened when I was just a kid, maybe 17. A good friend on mine's older brother was in the pool room playing. This was back in 1967 or 68. He was not a good player but he was rather large and played on the football team, one of his crazy exercises was to have his brother sit on his helmet...
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    Should I open a pool room?

    THIS thread has to be a joke!! C'mon man!!!
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    You never know Scott. Some of theses people are as dumb as dirt, hopefully the ones you ran into are. I do not think this was an organized gang following you around, more it was a scumbag just peeking into vehicles looking for anything that looked like it had something in it. With the drug use...
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    While it seems as though most if not all members agree that Scott has experienced a terrible low down blow. From a piece of shit of a person. Someone so loathsome as to steal from an innocent unsuspecting person is the lowest. It has to be assumed that Scott has also learned a very hard life...
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Live today table 2 on youtube.
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    Found a table for only $480,000 .. WOW!!

    Looked at some of the other things. Lots of ugly pricey junk
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    You ought to put this in the Wanted section, just a thought...
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    While a tracker may be helpful, it's better to never leave anything in your car at a hotel/motel. Just bring it to your room. Hell they will break in to get spare change if they see it. Anything they can see and looks like potential value is a reason for them to break in
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    Bob nailed it ! 123...
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    Jesus Christ Scott, I like so many others am sick to hear of this. For all you have done for pool this is an awful kick in the stomach. Hoping for a miracle and that maybe someone knows something about this and will do the right thing..
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    Naoyuki Oi

    R U speaking from experience?
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    Billiards on

    At first I thought. CNN does anyone watch that channel? Then I read the thread and thought maybe one guy does...
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    Chicago are cue maker that could replace Irish linen on my cues

    You might contact Tim Prince. I believe he is in Glendale Heights . Blue Book has this contact info. Prince Cues Tim Prince 437 Benden Avenue 630-661-7805
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    Waiting your turn, do you have a mental battle while watching your opponent run out?

    I watch the other player only to learn not to feel intimidated.. Do not let your thoughts defeat yourself..