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  • Are you planning on coming up next Saturday? I've got a group coming from Amarillo....should be fun. If you're coming, how many do you expect from the Dallas area?

    If you are planning to play here on the 24th and haven't shipped the cue, just hold it until then and save yourself some $$ on shipping.

    Also, if you are planning to come up and are bringing players with you, let me know who is coming so I can prepare with a head count.


    hey guys;

    i want te recover my gc1 with simonis 860 tan cloth. also, i have one year old brunswick superspeed cushions that have begun to sound a little squishy in a couple of spots. i think the last technician didn't do a good job cleaning the rails or glueing the rubber. anyway, i'm interested in what you can do for me.

    Brian Carroll
    Naugatuck, CT

    We just posted a tournament announcement for April 10. Wanted to let you know. Also still flirting with hosting a 10 ball tournament.

    Glad yours have been so successful. If not for my 95 hrs/week, I'd love to get down there and play now and then.

    Hope to see you in April.

    Take care,

    i will loan you the 1500 on the cue but you have to send me the cue first. Dave
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