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    Mosconi Cup Future

    Yes that is correct is was in regards to Asia being involved
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    Mosconi Cup Future

    I was reading somewhere that next years Mosconi Cup is rumored to be the last one involving just USA and Europe. has anyone else heard this?
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    How Much More Time Do You Give Mark Wilson To Captain Team USA?

    Joe Tucker from Rhode Island next team captain Wilson had his shot
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    Mike Dechaine has no sponsors?

    The best part is he got fired by Snookers and from what I heard barred from the joss tour.
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    Streaming Players & Problems

    Who is Shane Winters to think he should get a cut of PPV. Is he even relevant in the pool world. When has he ever done anything of significance on a 9' table. To me players like sky, Bergman, Dechaine, SVB, and the caliber of those guys should be getting the stream money not some short stop. I...
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    Mike Dechaine Playing Cue

    Uses An OB for tournament play an was told when he gambled he uses a predator
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    Racking controversy at US Open - The Rocket implied some "cheaters" !!!

    Hey Rodney if you ain't smart enough to figure out how to read the rack or how to rack the balls then shame on you. Players in all sports try to figure out how to gain an edge on each other an in this case they know how to rack better then you. Stop acting like a little cry baby. Maybe your...
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    Brackets Qatar 9-Ball??

    It's a players meeting who the hell cares how they dress
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    Dechaine vs shane commentary

    Anyone listening to dechaine vs shane commentary. Can't stand clowery blowing mike dechaine Jesus it's horrible
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    What is the Pot for SVB/Mike D Match?

    Rail at snookers is typically reserved seating for matches like this
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    Bergman vs DeChaine

    My opinion is mike has the edge because of his break. But all in all I think it would be a great match.
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    Bergman vs DeChaine

    Why do people think a race to 100 proves anything. If you want to see who the better player is the. I would suggest best out of 5 sets races to 17 or 21. BTW my money is in Dechaine
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    shane no show

    You crazy shane owes you nothing. You bet you took the risk own it
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    Erica nicole walker video

    Just goes to show how much class you and your crew have down there. You guys are nothing but classless. Nothing like showing how trash really acts