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    Mosconi Cup Future

    I was reading somewhere that next years Mosconi Cup is rumored to be the last one involving just USA and Europe. has anyone else heard this?
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    Dechaine vs shane commentary

    Anyone listening to dechaine vs shane commentary. Can't stand clowery blowing mike dechaine Jesus it's horrible
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    Erica nicole walker video

    Just goes to show how much class you and your crew have down there. You guys are nothing but classless. Nothing like showing how trash really acts
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    ★★ AZBtv will be heading to Snookers ★★ May 30th - 31st Free Live Stream

    Any brackets that you can post
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    What happened to Scott frost

    It appears from some Facebook posts that Scott frost took action on the us open now doesn't a wanna pay. REALLY Scott? You tell people how much $$$ you have but can't pay a couple debts under $200. C'mon man pay your debts. Your saying when you get paid you'll pay out. What if you don't get paid...
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    Smokin aces

    congrats to sky Woodward taking down the smoking aces tourney! This kid is just incredible and how is he not a contender for a mosconi cup spot? Not trying to dwell on that topic lol. But this young man as the making to be a world champion in my opinion
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    Drama in Vegas

    After seeing mike dechaines Facebook page what is all the drama about in Vegas with Shane?
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    Russian kenny

    Heard Russian Kenny was at a pool hall in providence, ri last night playing a big game any idea who he played an if he won
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    Mike Dechaine

    This goes out to mark Wilson our brilliant mosconi cup captain. Nice finish by mike dechaine finishing 1st in 9 ball an 3rd in 10 ball in Canada . But he ain't good enough to make your top 8 cut? Mine as well of picked Stevie wonder to be the captain cuz you can see talent if it bit u in the a*%
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    Where does Mike Dechaine rank

    I'm seeing the thread about Justin Bergman so just wanted to ask an get people's opinion where do you think Mike Dechaine ranks in terms of American pool players. Let's see if mike puts his two cents in
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    SBE streaming

    Does anyone know why there was no streaming for the pro event or any event at the SBE?
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    How can a person get brackets posted like the one for the Swanson tournament posted on az so people can follow a tournament with pros in the field???
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    Derby city action

    Any action going on down there yet
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    American rotation

    Can some post a link for joe Tucker's American rotation championship
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    Tar 38

    Can't believe I wasted $18 on 8 ball what a joke it is watching this game. No strategy just break and run out