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  • hi Rain-Man, do you have to sale 4 G2 medium tips, 1 samsara JB tip, and 3 pad all 14 mm.
    and if you have will you shipped it to Croatia, and how much do I need to pay.
    thanks, Jadran
    I need two cubes of Kamui chalk, the 1.21 kind. I have gotten it from you in the past. Please let me know how much to send you. and you paypal address, thanks a lot, Kevin Lyons
    Hello Sir what is the diameter/mmroughly of this shaft? Is it a thick shaft?And price. Thank.you for your time. Bobby
    Hello there. Some people in the forum told me you are the go to guy when it comes to Players Pool Cues.Can you give me some prices on them ,tell me if they are brand new and if there is a possible way of shipping to Bulgaria.And what the price of the shipping will be ,how the payment will be made.
    PM's are full man, send me a message about the Pro Cup Aramiths you put up for sale today.
    can you get the Predator 314-2 for a Schon cue, with the Schon joint and ring work? it would be for a Schon STL 5, I think it has a silver ring.
    I heard your the person to talk to about getting a bk3 wrapless brand new breaker at a good price. Do you have one and how much to ship to Canada? Thanks. -tom
    have you heard anything about getting extra weight cartridges for the Predator?

    Kevin Lyons
    Hey Rain-Man do you have any Z2 shafts that would fit a schon? looking for a friend saw you had one before doesn't have to be perfect, knew I bought a bk3 from you in the past and figured I'd check with you first?

    I am from New Zealand, i would like to buy kamui black soft and medium 5 each and white diamond tips. How much will this cost including Shipping? By the way, Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand is the address.

    Many thanks in advance
    I am an authorized Kamui Dealer, and Installer. I sell all the Kamui products and usually have everything needed in stock, ready to ship. My prices for AZ members are a little cheaper than on found anywhere else on the internet, but I am not allowed to post the prices due to MAP policies. Just send me a Private Message (Private, not to the public message board here), and I will gladly send you a shipped price! :)
    Yes, I gladly accept paypal, and my prices include the paypal fees already built in..
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