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    Don’t miss this post-free stuff-valley

    See my stupid giveaway moving deal on billiards stuff in the for sale
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    Valley—-cheap like real cheap-moving

    Valley 6 footer from randy Tate - all new-perfect-moving soon-don’t wait-email me at for details- Might trade for cue or things go boom I have 1500 in it all Starting price 750 cash picked up in franklin ky. Literally at exit 6 of i65
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    I will play ANYONE in the world!

    At cue time in
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    Kentucky pool is DEAD

    56 years old-quit playing for 30 years-restarted this year. Table in home-private..numerous open invitations to play free there for fun, or bet low or high. No one responds. Bowling green-historic room built by jimmy Hodges in 1980ish-absolutely gorgeous room, diamonds and gold crown perfect...
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    Request for rules post

    Advise official rules of Texas express And layman’s definition of 2 shot rollout Thx
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    Question about a gambling game

    Reyes Gomez playing a guy 9 ball. Reyito has one pocket - other guy has 5. So, I thought that meant reyito could only shoot to one pocket or maybe only has one pocket for the money ball? Just not sure? I mean you gotta play real strong to give up this weight..... I have watched Gomez play a lot...
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    Wtb - small leather case

    I want one absolutely worn out, ratty but with decent protection for 1/1 or 2/2 Ratty, torn, dirty, worn out leather case with shoulder strap Thx Robert
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    JB rugged 4/8 brand new—-225 shipped

    Yellow on black-paypal only-this is a good price on a great new case SOLD/SOLD/SOLD THX LOOKING
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    New cue-promised picture

    A while back, after 30 years away, I started playing again. Settled on 6 ball ghost for starters-many of you helped along the way. After a while, I finally beat him a short set and celebrated by buying me a new cue Of my choice-it came in today from budget billiards 30 days from the order date...
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    6 ball ghost - checking in

    Went through the kinister shot drills - good stuff-relocated table to larger room pic attached Hittin em pretty good thx all help guys.gals
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    JB Rugged - 3/6 black w/ blue interior new 225 shipped

    What it says. 225 shipped w/ tracking/insurance paypal only goods/services I pay fee. Message me here after commenting to purchase MIGHT trade to ball set, or cue. Only interested in dynaspheres, or something quality/unique, - cues-old nice huebler, meucci 97-9 or jr-3, or a nice custom u got...
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    WTB-Louie Roberts picture

    Poster, pic, print, larger is better. Thx
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    Bert kinister 60 min workout-TINMAN

    THX TIN MAN - cost me 5 bucks- priceless. Took time watch it. Document shots/have them taped on wall before tomorrow THIS RECOMMENDED VIDEO FROM THE TIN touches every aspect from fundamentals to shot speed, draw, follow, staying off rails, speed, speed, speed, less English always
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    Testing video
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    Help..tin man or rake

    I have iPad Pro. And a you tube channel. I’ve been 2 hours tonight. I can not figure out how to upload through az says failed and I can’t figure out how to see the url on my iPad which uses safari. Read a lot of tutorials-can’t get it. And I didn’t know about the ghost challenge- I never look at...