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  • Royce, did you live in the colony about ten years ago? Friend of mine had a Royce Cue made and you let us peek in on the progress, quite interesting. How can i demo OB shafts?
    hey i was wondering the OB-123/125 only come with the ob1/classic option. i was thinking to get one of these but nobody has them with the XL option. where can i get one with the XL shaft? those come at 13.1?
    Do you still have any of the taig compatible lathe beds for sale? Just ran across this thread.. If not, do you know where i can get one? Did you have this made for you or did you buy it outright from somewhere?
    Currently, I have the PM system turned off. I found that I just did not get back to it often enough, and when someone sent me a message, I would be slow to respond.

    Instead, please email me at rbunnell@obcues.com if you need to reach me. Of course, you can always call us if you have questions or need something. Our toll free number is 877-399-9901.


    Royce Bunnell
    already said it in some threads- your shafts are really good. and your classic-shaft seems to be *the* thing i m looking forward to :)
    lg from overseas,
    Hello royce, i just posted a question in the main forum regarding tip replacement on your OB shafts. Would appreciate your takin a look at it and responding when you have time.
    Thank you, Dan Bures.......ps. If you prefer you can pm me or e-mail me at........... bigspike49@hotmail.com.....
    Hello Royce,

    I was wondering if the shaft could be used as a player if the tip/pad were changed? I emailed you a while back regarding if an OB-1 could be made to custom specs. Unfortunately you were no longer accepting these requests due to the busy launch of the OB-2. The OB Break Shaft seems to meet what I was looking for; 13mm, slightly stiffer and still low deflection.

    Also is there a wrap option for the Break Stick and would you say the low deflection is around that of the BK2?

    Thanks Royce.
    Hi Royce,
    Don't forget about me! The guy that bought the OB-101 cue is interested in a break (or jump/break) cue. I think with the BCA outlawing Phenolic, (and I'm sure other leagues will follow big daddy), that the J/B will probably go Bye Bye, too ! I would say...give me a call, but my 800# isn't working???, but you're welcome to call me at home now at: 1-336-294-1640. Continued SUCCESS !!!
    Wayne Nance
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