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  • I'll send you a picture of some red, white and blue ringwork I made up a couple of months ago for another military cue that I'm working on.

    Phelps Custom Cues
    Hello Ray. I'm looking for info on Burgoyne cues as I have two of them and they are not only the prettiest cues but best hitting ones in my collection. I have 39 cues right now. I actually went to Chico California and met Bob. While there I had him make me some more shafts but without points. Anyway. Main reason I'm messaging you is to say that if you ever decide to sell your Burgoyne please let me have a crack at it. I paid a lot for my two and on AZ people bash them without having ever hit one. It's disgusting considering they're works of art. I'll shoot you some pics if interested in seeing more like yours. Thanks for listening and take care. Ty Bouse 405-361-1991 (kittinner)
    Thanks for the reps.! What I didn't say in my thread response was that for the $4 short in the envelope (mistake?), our team disbanded! Only 3 of the 8 players are still playing APA this session. I figure that the $4 short, (which the APA could have had right then), cost the Triad APA around $500 for just this session!...if the players continue to not play APA...the costs go up and up !!!
    Thanks again,
    Wayne Nance
    Greensboro, NC
    Hey Ray, I really enjoyed seeing you and John again. When I saw we were playing The Killer B's I was happy that one or the other of our teams was going to the finals. (By the way, Williams and Fulcher don't start with 'B'.) I think you guys might have done in the finals than we did. Don and Stuart didn't do well enough to get me a last match. Let me know when you get your cue I'd like to hit some balls with it. Tom
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