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    Four Efren Reyes IPT matches show on Filipino Television

    It appears that the acknowledged godfather of Philippine pool, Aristeo “Putch” Puyat acquired the rights at substantial cost in order to please Filipino fans.... From the above article, it seems that Trudeau and the IPT made some...
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    Sex and Drugs and Rack them Balls

    A post in another thread called "sex, drugs and pool" has inspired some creativity in me to write another song.I agree with the poster of that thread that there are no women in the poolrooms and it's frustrating at times. Feel free to download "Ian Dury and the Blockheads" song called "Sex and...
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    IPT Chalk and ordering from the IPT website?

    I've heard it mentioned about three times already that the IPT playing chalk is of really good quality.Perhaps Colin C, Linda or others can verify this. I'm looking to buy a box, however, was wondering if others have been getting any items they've ordered from the IPT site in a propmpt...
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    Mike Sigels "Perfect Pool" Instructional series free to view on IPT site...

    ....if you have enrolled earlier as an IPT member. Has anyone watched all three instructionals yet?Any thoughts? RJ
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    Orcollo wins World Pool League Final

    Absent from this years US Open were Dennis Orcollo,Niels Feijen,Thorsten Hohmann,Ralph Soquet,Chang Pei-wei and Radoslaw Babica all who were playing at the annual World Pool League tourney held (at the same time) in Warsaw Poland.It's too bad the schedules of these two tournaments clashed...
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    Congratulations to The Purdman

    Congratulations for you that stepped up to back John Schmidt in the US Open.It was a kind and generous offer on your part and I'm glad that your kindness is now being rewarded.Hope you had the time of your life. RJ
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    Bernie Friend blues song to Kevin Trudeau

    Song deleted, because undoubtingly some won't be able to take a joke. RJ ps. Is there a way that I can delete this thread completley?
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    What's the one thread that you've ever regretted posting?

    Have you ever pressed that "submit reply" button and regretted doing so?:o Have you ever pressed it, not knowing all the facts?:confused: Have you acted out in emotion, absent of intellect and posted something that you now regret?:eek: Well, then let this be the thread where you have a...
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    "That's a Moori"

    I've decided to chill on humoring table climbers and have decided to write a tune to promote the greatest cue tip in the world. Many of have heard the lyrics, "When the moon hit's the sky like a warm pizza pie,That's amore." Feel free to download Dean Martins song called "That's Amore" and...
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    Duh, how do you spell Sigel?

    I don't know what is harder,listening to Mike or spelling his last name.Is there any pool players name more mispelled than Sigel's?Here are some of the AZ spellings I've seen so far: Seagull segil segul segal Sugel Sigal seagal I've also heard someone pronounce Efren as Efrem. Geez, I wonder...
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    Onepocketchump,please PM me

    Hi John, I've tried to PM you for several days now but can't get through as your mailbox has been full.Please PM me. thanks, RJ
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    Here's how table climbing RUINS the game of pool!

    After reading the various threads regarding the Danny Harriman/Archer controversy, I have come to the conclusion that table climbing has the potential to really ruin the game of pool. FIRSTLY: Table climbing can cause damage to pool tables. Cuebacca had pointed this fact out in another...
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    Rodney's greatest weapon, turned out to be his biggest adversary.

    I just recently watched the last two matches(at the IPT website) that Efren Reyes and Rodney Morris had and came to a few conclusions. FIRSTLY: Before the final started Efren was better equiped Rodney in pattern play,kicking ability,big money game experience, etc etc.Efrens achilles heel was...
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    Johnny Archer/Danny Hairy-man commemorative....

    Song deleted out of respect to Danny Harriman, who I NOW think is a class act and a good sport. Others, please delete the tune.
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    Efren Reyes, a worthy champion

    I was fortunate enough to watch the IPT final today between Rodney Morris and Efren Reyes. I was really hoping for Rodney because I understand that him and his wife have a small child and also that it would be nice for someone other than Efren win again.Winning $500 K would really set afamily...