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    Schon Value?

    Was wandering if anyone would know the value of this used Schon thats in great condition? Its about two years old and in perfect shape. It has a Kamui Medium tip. Thanks!! Re
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    Does anybody know what this cue might be worth?

    [URL= 2003 / Never chalked and its a McDermott Thanks in advance!!
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    Shaft Stripped?

    I have a pre-dot Meucci shaft that seems to be stripped. It just wont tighten. Anybody ever experienced this? Im so disappointed. Thanks, Red
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    Kamui Tips

    Hello, I was wandering what yalls experience is between a medium and soft tip. I often hit the ball hard and was wandering if a soft would help? Also, having trouble with my draw so thinking that the soft would be better. I understand that the soft grips the ball more....(which I dont know...
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    Meucci M-16 Production Dates

    Meucci M-16 Production Dates Anybody Know??
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    Most Economical Way To Mail A Stick?

    Was wandering if there are any tips or tricks to mailing a cue. Are there any flat postage boxes that anyone uses? Last time I shipped, it was like 33 bucks? Gotta be a easier way. I think UPS just came out with some flat rate. Thanks, Red
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    Break Tip

    Im fixing to buy the Predator BK Rush break stick. I know little to nothing about tips. Was wandering if someone could suggest a tip upgrade for the stick? It comes stock with a BK Hybrid Tip. I would not be opposed to keeping that one if its suggested to do so. Any suggestions on a break...
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    Dragon Slayer or Dragon Killer

    I got a question for the professionals: What is the difference in names for the DH-4 , M-19 and the current HOF-7 Meucci based off of David Howard? I have heard the names of Slayer and Killer on all these? I am so confused but would like to the story straight. Thanks, Red
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    Wanted : David Howard Giant Killer

    Wanted : David Howard Giant Killer I am looking for a all original. This is not the m-16 or Hof Giant Slayer Please PM if you know if anyone selling. Thanks, Red
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    Vintage Meucci -Good Deal or Bad Deal ??

    I ran across this cue for sale for $400.00. I havent seen it yet but thinking about going tommorow. The ad reads this and then I have link to the pics below: This is a Meucci David Howard " giant slayer" edition pool stick. This is a rare and beautiful pool cue, all the design is actual inlay...
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    2nd Attempt At Finding More Aboue Meucci Slayer Cue

    I am wandering if this is the Slayer with pure Ivory on the shaft and also on the shield? Anybody know the value of this stick in good condition and also if you think it will go up in value? Just looking for more details really. Thanks so much!!! Red...
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    Vintage Howard Meucci Slayer

    Is this que the original Slayer that has the Ebony inlays? What would yall think the value is for this cue? Do yall think the value will go up through the years if it stays in good condition. Just delete the words "take this out" and follow links. Thanks for all your help! Red Well...I was...