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  • no i havent yet,i been telling my wife about me going for a very long time and i just havent did it yet,but would love to very soon,how about you,go ahead tell me how great it is,thats all i hear about it all the time lol,some say it is better then the olypia,but of couse i never been there either!
    how you doing? I live across the street from mike katsarus. ill let him know your kind words. maybe he would be down to talk to you. i have his number.
    who would you like in a race to 100,9 ball between jesse engel and landon schuffet,i know landon beat jesse in the past.how about now?
    how about cigar tom vanover he was a force in the 70s 80s won 9straight maryland 9 ball titles he played straight pool also he is still living in baltimore and working in his same pool room for over 30 years and still plays top players when they come through
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