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  • Hey Jim, How's the Kanaka?
    I looked at our bracket and I'm actually surprised they won. Out of the 4 teams in that bracket, mine included, they should have probably finished last. Any of the other 3 teams, mine included, should take 3 out of 5 matches from them consistently. Obviously it didn't work out in the playoffs like it did during the season. I think they're highest, Dan Battles, is in the mid 80's. Second is a guy named Jason Flak (high 70's) and on down the line. I've played Dan and Jason. Dan can be overrated playing like a 70 at times. But he can make his shots, he just gets out of line on his next shots. So if you try a safe make sure he's sewed up. Jason is less overrated at his 78. But he'll make mistakes just like Dan. Jason's wife Tiffany plays too. She can shoot a little better than her rating so put up someone decent against her to get the win. But not someone who will be be intimidated playing against a cute blonde!
    Good luck!
    Hey Rick. My M8 Open team is playing in the M8 Spring Regional playoffs next weekend (Saturday 6/9 and if we win twice, Sunday 6/10).

    I think the first team we play Saturday 6/9 plays in your Sunday night league (Team #23006 8Ball Itch). Any info on them?????

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