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  • looks like you have been hacked ron...sorry to hear it you are truely one of the good buyers and sellers on here...
    Happy Thanksgiving Ron...Best wishes to you and the family!! May it be full of cheer, food, football and naps LOL...
    Thanks for the rep and the info regarding Barry's wait time (20 years!!!!) If you are in contact with him regularly, let him know Jim Leach was asking about him; wondering how he's doing etc. We used to chat more frequently but he did not answer my last letter I sent him (quite a while ago now). Looks like I'll get my Hercek before my Barry... Joel makes a fine cue so that should hold me over!

    Keep in touch, and if you haven't already, check out www.jimboarmy.com and click to enter the forum...
    Thanks for the rep. Seems to me we have the same taste in cues and cue makers.
    I'm going to the ICCS show in Sarasota Fl. the end of this month. It should be really cool to see so many amazing new cues from some great cue makers.
    What's happenig my man?? Thanks for the recent Rep. hope you and yours are good.... love the dog...........

    thank you for fixing my dots
    i had stopped viewing az because of it

    thanks a lot

    i appreciate it!

    just noticed

    Dear Sir:
    Thank you kindly for the greenies... not sure what they mean but I do appreciate the thought. Congrats on the Tasc!!! That is one gorgeous cue!!! Just celebrated my 21st anniversary and my wife stills like to hear that kind-of-thing. Obviously it didn't work?? My kudos to you for a beautiful cue purchase. Enjoy!!!
    The boxed veneers are a method of glueing the veneers around the inlay material without using a miter joint. When they are boxed you wont see a straight line up from the point material to the tip of the point as the veneers overlay rather than miter. HTH Sherm
    hey buddy how ya doing? sai you were busy as I recall, I hope so. May marks month 24 in a row with less income than expense for me, not good at all. but I got a litle heart and should come out fine.

    glad to hear things are moving for you, $hit is stuck for me 23 months no income. sux i hope things stay good for you and keep that Gus warm :)
    i don't know how it hits compared to ivory since i have never owned a cue with an ivory ferrule
    Brad just knocked me down, in 2 months we will be on the second page-this sucks.
    For the Game I really like Brad, but he too wioll get pushed down soon as the next person max's out
    i was thinking about that too, Lets not do it until we can be on the phone with other and see exactly how it effects our points total. I figured you to max out today ot tomarrow, you were a bit ahead of me. I dont care if It lowers my position, Actually I'd like to be #2 again, maybe we could on sunday be on the phone together and red rep to see it together-I'm 1000% for doing it, I love the REP game and have made good friends playing it, so anything to keep it going i'm up to.

    Why I'm #1 I have no idea, perhaps it calcuates how long I have been in the #2 position. or post count?(i dont think thats it though),

    I just want to keep the REP game going-its fun. and I like it too because it is just saying hello to friends with no strings attached. and to me getting rep really makes me feel good, not the points just the fact that you for example think of me and aknowlege that,
    Hi Eric not been on Az in years many are gone hope all is well my friend
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    here is what It says: 2147483647 point(s) total
    I googled that and its that way on other boards as well, I'm going to talk to one of my programmers and seee if I can get it fixed so the game can go on.

    hope all else is good, We will get you there real soon,
    my points locked up at the 2147 which sucks, it fun to watch the points get bigger. I think they put smorg there, then KK9 got there now I got there 3rd behind them, I dont know why it put me over KK9, i bet that soon as the next person to get that number I will go down, It wouldnt be hard to go into the program and write a command to keep the numbers progressivly growing indefenitly, they basically put a cap on it. pisses me off I like the rep game, you will have it real soon and be #1 which is cool but when everyone is capped out then what?
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