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    Preferred tip radius

    Imho.... Tip radius depends on Shaft diameter, and the style of stroke behind it. If you are a person with a lot of "back hand" english, you probably want a -flatter- tip. If you are a person with a smoother stroke, one who strokes through the ball, you will want a -more radial- tip. Doc
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    Code Of Conduct

    dress honorably Shoot honorably Be Honorable show Respect Reap what you sow JoeyA... Thank you.
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    Welcome New Member: thaitom

    Enjoy freedom Thaitom I would love to meet you. Some day we shall.
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    Can you say Masse

    Some phenomenal shooting in this one... but looks like a lot of repetitive drills... or is it just me? Who is this Guy? and where is he now? Doc
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    AZBilliards Member Survey

    Preferred Name: Doc MySpace: none Location: Monaca Occupation: Network Admin Business Website: none Game of Choice: 38/Cowboy Playing Since: 1974 Favourite Player: Willie Hoppe Playing Cue: John Minteer Break Cue: John Minteer Jump Cue: John Minteer Case: Hard: J & J, 4x8 Leather, Simulated...
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    So has our countries economic disaster effect you personally, or your Pool playing

    I keep doing what I've always done. I help people daily, I play pool daily, and I make the same amount of money daily. When you live within your means, the market don't matter. PERIOD. I wouldn'd give anyone money that I "knew" I couldn't collect from. That's what Freddie and Fanny did...
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    Wishing everyone a nice Labor Day

    Stay safe, stay true. Doc
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    APA equipment really puts the "Amature" in APA

    Hell... now I'm not sure I earned this patch, and proud of it. If you had a hard time adjusting to the table, it's not my fault. I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again. It's their pond, you're the fish in it. Choose your battles. APA Vegas...
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    Need some help from my pool family

    The extremes show flaw of stroke and flaw of equipement. When one balances the other, it still comes down to stroke.
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    What Cue has the best hitting sound

    Get a person (male/female) who has a stroke, and compare the SAME stick with a person that "thinks" they have a stroke, you will HEAR a difference. point being: Harmonics of a stick is subjective to the quality of the player's stroke. A well made stick will sing in anyone's hand, once in a...
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    happy new years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year! Stay safe, stay true, and be... yourself.
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    top player spot on wich table??

    Preach what you practice The tighter the table, riff raff blah blah blah. Make sure your mind is wrapped around the concept. The tighter the table, the more wrapped the player. People like that thrive on tight tables. Frustration is their fuel. They burn out early though. They stroke...
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    Running my 1st Major Tournament tomorrow!

    Here's my sugestion: Run the tourney, don't let the tourney run you. Say what you mean, not what you ment! Make sure everyone hears the rules! It's your pond, they are the fish. Enforce the rules... including time between shots. Don't be afraid to ask for help from players who know the...
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    bridge length

    I actually understood that. Thank you... in a way.
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    Johnny Archer snaps his cue in half

    The whole time I was looking at the video, I was trying to determine if that was a Viking cue or something else. The butt of the cue blended into the background very well that I had a hard time discerning which cue he owns(ed). Honestly, I can't tell which cue that was.