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  • Ron Thanks for the lesson today..your banking, kicking and Diamond system are as good as it gets..I need to get the 90/90 aiming down before I really get into the banks and kicks but you are an incredible coach (not only teacher but coach) and I had a blast being around you and learned a ton of stuff in 2 hours..gotta practice the 90/90 and get that solid but again thanks for the lesson and some great stories..see you next week!!

    N. Franco
    Hi RonV-

    No, I'm not jersey Spanky. I am born in New Jersey, though. Long time ago. The horse was still diving off the steel pier a couple times a day on the boardwalk in A.C. I still like the salt water taffey-but it pulls my fillings out.

    After the holiday(T/giving)-I'll call to see if we can get together over the phone. The offer is much appreciated.

    Take care.

    I do know a Spanky out here in Ca. I don't know where he is from. He does some pool live stream commentating out here.

    Happy Thanksgiving-hope you don't have to do the dishes. Well dishes are OK-the pots and pans-not so much. Unless that's part of a fair trade for a great meal.

    Bill W. 3railkick@dslextreme.com
    Hello, Ron. Seventy years old? You're just a kid in my 75 year old eyes. Ron, I'm playing better now than I have for a long time but long shots (good vision, but?) and banks or certain cuts keep me from hitting the A level. I keep hearing about the 90/90 system but its like the CTE system...I just can't make it work. Do you still use telephone calls to help people or suggest a book or what? I'm in California and just won't be able to travel to New York for lessons but I'm hoping that if I can learn your system via semaphore or whatever I can turn into an even TOUGHER son-of-a-gun.
    I appreciate you taking the time to read this.
    Thank you, Jerry Manley. emaleman@comcast.net
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