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  • Thanks for the kind words, Bert. The smallest changes can play a huge part on improving.

    Pidge :)
    My hands have shaken for many years when under pressure but I have never felt it was a detriment. I am concerned that as I get older it may become an issue that needs addressing.

    Thank you Bert!
    I'm glad to see you still make New Year's Resolutions, they are very important in August and September.
    I agree! I am taking a lesson this weekend to improve my process of dropping into the shot as a matter of fact!

    Thanks! I got pretty lucky everything fell in line that night!

    "Did my post hit a nerve? You didn't leave a note on my cp page."

    Hi! I have NO CLUE how "rep" works or leaving comments on people's cp pages. Didn't even know what the "cp" page was until I just started nosing around.

    I would APPRECIATE you telling me what the deal is with rep and comments on cp pages or pointing me to a FAQ or something on those subjects.

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