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  • thanks for ruggz,,
    i would aprecciate if u can send the bigger pic of your table on my
    just to see what it looks like, and to get a better picture of it when assembled..
    thanks in advance
    Sorry I bought mine locally used and it also came without one. When I bought it I did not know which model it was. The "Century" was made in the 80's I believe. Assembly should be pretty easy just frame, slate, and rails. If you need any help the mechanics forum is where you will find anything you need to know about leveling felt ect. Please let me know if I can help. By the way I love the table it plays great!
    Hello ruggz..
    Sorry for disturbing,, i see on your profile that you have Bruncwick century supreme 9 feet,,
    I just bought one on ebay,,
    Since the table was dissmounted i am asking you, if you maybe have manual or any kind of instruction to assemble that table,,
    I will be more tah grateful if u send me if you have some kidn of manual ,, and tell me how you are satisfied with it ..
    Thanks for any help..
    And one thing,, do u maybe have an information how old can that table be ?? when brunswick was producing this model since the ey owner could'n tell me any kind of information ,,
    thanks in advance on any info ,,
    greetings from Croatia (Europe)
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