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  • Hey could you give me those two names and (#'s if you have them) of the installers Drexeline used? You said you would be using one. Didn't wanna search the old thread. Thanks!
    Loved to see how you got the Pool room project completed so efficiently! I live in West Chester and also have a GC at my house. I would love to play some pool with you one of these days.
    why did you not just send a pm? You just drop a red rep ? .....WoW
    i will give $2600 cash and pickup diamond table and light and accessories asap let me know before i buy different table
    Hello runout1961,

    I read you recommendations about Tascarella Cues and that is the reason why I ask you. I am interested to order one made especially for me, but I do not have the telephone number or even internet address to contact Mr. Pete Tascarella. I am from Germany and love classic style cues. I have two Tim Scruggs, one Josswest, one Vollmer, and 2 older production cues (Pechauer, Tyler,). The thing is that I want my cues in 60 inch length and those are not easy to find on the market. So I have to have one extra made for me. Can you please help me out how I could contact Pete Tascarella? Thanks a lot for your help.


    Christos Stamatoukos from Germany
    I'm on my way back. I am buying a house. Nothing else new here. I'll tell you about the house when I get there.
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